Leasing Details

Leasing Details:

We offer different licenses. The Basic Lease ($29.00), the Track Out Lease ($79.00), the Unlimited Lease ($149.00) and the Exclusive License ($ varies per beat). Here are the differences: The $29.00 Basic Lease gives you all the rights to get started. You can distribute the song on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, iTunes etc. and make a profit off of it. It is limited in a sense that the license permits you to make profit up until 150.000 online audio streams, distribution of 5.000 copies, maximum 1 music video and radio broadcasting rights for 1 radio station. After that, you can buy a higher lease license to go on with your profits. For most artists starting out this is no concern, and this Lease will be more than enough. The $79.00 Track Out Lease will give you more profit rights as the Basic Lease (300.000 online audio streams, distribution of 1.000 copies, 1 music video, broadcasting rights for 2 radio stations and you will get all the different sounds we use in the beat you bought. For instance the drum patterns, guitars, synths, fx effects etc. separately. This gives you the flexibility to restructure the song, use different elements in different parts, or you can have an engineer mix the song in an alternative way. The $149.00 Unlimited Lease gives you the Track Outs as well, but with unlimited rights. No restriction on audio streams, video streams, music videos, radio broadcasts etc. Additionally, mainly important for artists looking to get airplay, this gives you the ability to make more profit off of radio play, online streams and distribution of your copies. You will get part of the publishing (50% publishing: 100% Lyrics, 0% Music) and will be able to profit off of the money made via a PRO (public rights organization). The Exclusive License gives you all of the above but more. The main thing here is the exclusivity aspect, after this lease is bought we will not be able to sell the beat anymore to others. You will also get more publishing (negotiable).